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Sending a card is such a good idea. Think about the last time someone sent you a card. How did you feel? Most people I know love to get cards, but in our e-mail-based world it doesn’t happen as often as it could. I suggested that you send a sympathy card and today I’m suggesting that you can send cards through the postal system or deposited in their mailbox just because you want to cheer someone up or remind them that you think of them. There really doesn’t need to be an occasion. I have done this and discovered the card sitting on the person’s mantelpiece weeks later. One person taped a card I had sent them to their fridge.

One organization that I belonged to for a number of years had a woman in it that loved to send thank you cards. I received a number over those years, and I kept them on my sideboard for a long time and smiled each time I walked by!

My usual activity when at an event where handmade cards are sold is to stock up for the year. It boosts our local economy and it is usually just a little more special than the store-bought mass- produced cards. But either, in my opinion, are great ideas.

You might want to start a collection. When you find a card you like, buy it, put it someone where it is accessible, and then then the right occasion comes along, just jot down a few little lines and send it off. You don’t have to say much. Just mention that you were thinking of them, that you appreciate something they did for you, or that you wanted them to have a great week and thought you would send them a card to tell them.

I have a friend that actually has a roster of people that she wants to remember every so often and she buys specific cards for them that she thinks they will like when she is out shopping. We will be at a craft fair, and she will see a card and say – “My friend, Amy, loves hummingbirds. I must buy this one for her.”

I’m also a very amateur photographer – been taking photos for years but what I mean by that is that I only use an iPhone or an iPad to take pictures. I don’t carry a big camera around with me. I love to take pictures on my walks – or anywhere else I am. Sometimes I discover they make great cards. One day, I may even actually make them into card.

Another thought is that if you take a picture of something that is of interest to your friend, make it into a card and send it to them as a “thinking of you” card. A custom-made card – just for them. What a great way to say, I was thinking especially of you today. And it is so easy if you have a camera phone!

In these days of Pandemic (I hope when you are reading this it has ended, but right now we are in the second wave.) letting people know that you are thinking of them is an important part of keeping mentally healthy for both them and you. I hope you will think about who might benefit from a card. People in seniors’ homes might be a good place to start. The neighbour down the street that you can simply drop of a card in their mailbox.

Here’s some text that might get you started: “Saw this card, and you came to mind. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and looking forward to the day when we can get together safely for that game of cards.” “Today I was thinking about you and thought I would send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate having you for a friend.” Sure you can do the same thing on Facebook or in an email or on messenger, but if you send a card, the recipient can put it on their counter and smile every time they walk by!

July 19, 2009 Updated November 7, 2020 by Laurie Mueller