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Beyond Memoir: 

Using Spiritual Practices to 

Design a Heartfelt


Creative Legacy

S​ome times we think we can't do something because we are trying to do it all at once, or on our own.

In this 6-session interactive online program, I will help you get in touch with your own spirituality that will enable you to create the messages that are important for you to share with your loved ones.  

Create your own legacy!

Available on Request for Organizations and Groups


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Live on Purpose: 

Who am I really?  

What can I do? 

Why am I here? 

Let me help you create the life you  were meant to live. 

As the co-owner of a busy industrial company while raising a family and never having time or energy to do the things I really enjoyed with my friends and family,  I embarked on a journey of self-identity that led me to leave my busy work behind and start a new career.  It was the best decision I ever made; I never looked back! 

Available on Request for Organizations and Groups

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Something More! 

Finding  Your 

Authentic Self

On-line Interactive group meetings to explore more deeply your personal, spiritual and creative development.  

Available on request to Individuals and Groups.

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What Clients Say

I've known Laurie for over 20 years and have always admired her leadership and organizational skills. She's a passionate visionary and able to instill that passion and enthusiasm in others. She envisions, implements and celebrates her own creative endeavors as well as celebrating the accomplishments of others.

Laurie creates community and knows how to strengthen bonds. She instills confidence and brings out the best in those around her and helps them to implement their dreams. 

She is a good communicator and listener and is able to hear what is not being said, what is just below the surface, and needing expression. She also has that rare gift of being able to use her talents in service to others.

Laurie is able to take herself lightly and she expresses her natural joy and it is always a delight to be with her. 

Jannice F., Victoria, BC, Canada

Laurie’s infectious personality and superb social skills turned the MBTI with my staff into a wonderful, fun day of us getting to know each other better, and learning how to cooperate and thrive in our workplace. Laurie is awesome, she rocks.

Dave B., Mill Bay, BC, Canada

I have known and worked with Laurie Mueller for 20 years. She is an example of living out her purpose in life. We have collaborated on projects, written articles together, created events. Laurie lives her life in keeping with what she believes. I recommend her work.

Pat N., Victoria, BC, Canada