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I don’t remember where this idea came from, I’m sure I adapted it from something. It sounds like a fun exercise to do and one you shouldn’t need a therapist for afterwards. I love my example. It would be the same choice today – 12 years later.

I was on one of those Question and Answer sites and someone wrote they “didn’t have a personality”, they were bored with life, and they worried about growing old in the same boring way.

I decided to answer. (You might even want to try this little technique when you are feeling bored and out of sorts with life.)

“Well, this kinda sounds like good news.” I wrote. “You don’t have a personality at the moment, so you can create the one of your choice. It is always easier to start from scratch than to try to revise one."

And then I listed the steps:

  1. Go to the store or library and pick out your favorite magazine – if you don’t have a       favorite, just pick one with pretty colours and a glossy finish.
  2. Sit down and start reading.
  3. What do you see in there that appeals to you?
  4. Start writing a list of interesting people and things to do. Once you have got a page full of ideas you can start on your journey.
  5.  Pick 3 ideas. Either because they appeal to you more than the others or by randomly putting your finger on three.
  6. Underline them.

Here is an example.

I identified Princess Diana, Brad Pitt and an article about dogs. Something about those three items appealed to me. What were they?

  • For me, I would say that I liked Princess D’s style and caring for people. I liked that she was a classy lady and she was a ‘do-gooder’.
  • Brad Pitt is just plain sexy and is very competent in his work and is making a difference in the world by helping out all these little children he is adopting remember this was written in 2009).
  • Dogs always love you and they are fun. 
I am beginning to see what I like about life and  what I would also like to be doing: 

  • I like helping people, acting classy, being good at what I do, and I like to be loved unconditionally. 

  • I like to have fun even though I am not much of ‘a chase after the ball’ kind of person.

Yes, I got all that out of thinking about why I liked the things I listed.

You can do that too.

Now, think about ways you could become the person you have just written about.

In my case, I could read up on who needs help in my community and get involved. Then I would probably make friends and I would have something to talk to other people about because I have been doing something. I know that I love dogs and perhaps I might even volunteer at a dog shelter. Or maybe just find other people who like dogs and talk to them about dogs.

Do you see what I mean? You can create a whole new wonderful personality and I don’t think you will be bored for a minute.

Good luck and have fun! Go out and shine!!!! Whooo Hooooo!!!!!

Originally written January 31, 2009 Updated: November 7, 2020