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As you can see this was written back in 2009, since then, in 2017, our lovely little dog, Jujube, died, and although its more than 3 years later, he is still missed with the intensity of that fateful day.

Yesterday morning before daybreak, an old friend died. His name was Auberon and he was a proud and gentle old man. Not a human “old man” but a 100-pound Belgium Cross Sheppard Dog. 

 He was a huge dog with a heart just as big. My friend Pat has two daughters’, Seanna and Trish. Auberon, affectionately known as Aubie, was Trish’s dog, but loved by the whole family and all of their friends and neighbors. Trish acquired Aubie when she was a teenager, and living on the streets. Aubie protected her and was her constant companion, loving her no matter where or how she lived. When Trish decided it was time to move back inside and go back to school, Aubie still spent most of his days on the outside. His great fur coat making outside living easiest.

I met Aubie after Trish had moved away and left him to live his final days in comfort at Grandpa and Grandma’s house! Grandma is my friend, Pat. He spent his days lounging around their deck, under the shade of the many trees on their property, foraging through the wooded areas, or hanging out with the neighborhood dogs, Eddie and Seiko, and scrounging tidbits from their owners.

Seanna lives in another town, but she loved to come home and take Aubie for walks. Her picture with him is below.

Pat often walked with Aubie. One day I was waiting for her at her house just as she was walking back up her long driveway alone. “What are you doing?” I asked, “Didn’t you know I was coming over?” “Yes,” she replied “I just had to walk Aubie first.” I looked around. There was no dog with her. As a matter of fact, there was no dog in sight anywhere. “Sure!” I said, “But I don’t see any dog!” Then Pat explained. Aubie liked to walk up the road with her but once they got to the top of the little mountain they live on, he liked to go off through the woods and make his way home on his own. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, Auberon showed up, crashing through the trees, and a wag on his tail!

Pat’s house is more like a chalet to me and has dark areas even when the lights are on. I spend time at Pat’s when we are working on projects together there. One night I must have tripped over Aubie 5 times as I made my way around the room working on our latest workshop idea.

He was just this big black and brown blob sound asleep on the carpet. Pat laughed when I read her this. She said, “Ian often trips over him”.

When someone you love dies, whether they are human or pet, we grieve. We miss our loved one. We wonder how we will get along without them. We know that we will never replace them, and we wonder how we can go on.

Pat, Ian, Trish, Seanna and the rest of the family plus some of us friends are actually going to gather and say good bye formally to Auberon. We’ll be together, and we will be able to show and say how much that grand old dog meant to us. At one time I might have thought it a silly gesture, but now I know it is a good one to make when something living has touched your heart.

Here’s to you Aubie!

June 16, 2009 Updated November 7, 2020 by Laurie Mueller